Right Splendid International Corp. is committed to the field for Fiber Optic Lightings as a professional manufacturer since 1988 when the company was established.
Our products range covering technologies from medical and industrial Glass-Compounds Fiber Optic Coldlights System to high quality PMMA- Compounds Fiberlite® Sparklelighs and Spotlights systems.

Our Eager

mission is to introduce the advance Fiberlite® Sparklelights and Spotlights systems to our customers meeting their demands in high quality, high performance products at affordable price as well as to fulfill their expectations for designs and engineer solutions in Fiber Optic Lighting applications.

Our engineering consultation is available for recommendations on projects and applications.
Our research and developed department can, on request to produce special products that meets all customers requirement and consultation to give the lighting effects desired.


Fiberlite® Sparklelights system

Right Splendid is integrated the Sparklelights System including the most compact designed illuminators with high intensive lumen flux output, new techniques sparklelights cables, user's friendly fixtures and accessories, to create a new world lighting architecture and to offer great design flexibility.

We've believed and dreamed of the perfect lighting system one that would use fiber optic to transmit light over long distance without carrying electricity and almost no heat (infrared rays), no UV emissions, no gas, no risk of fire or heating or electrical shocks, the systems are intrinsically safe in use and handling without breakage. There are no glass tubes or lamps to break, is making maintenance easier and cost less, is offering clarity of neon, flexibility of designs, applications and installations. Furthermore, the dynamic colors changing that fitting easily into any lighting decoration that LED,neon and incandescent lamps cannot.


New-Power sparkles

An innovative power sparkles effect for fiber optic side lighting cables to provide power sparkles yet smooth and brightness through the entire length of the cables because of the advance Micro-diffusion technology has been introduced.

This new High-Tech method of Micro-diffusion technology has been patents world-wide included United States (US Patents No. 5,901,267,5, No. 7,142,753B2, No. 6,278,833B1, No. 7,186,011B2), Germany (Deutschland Patents NR. 297,134,11.6, NR. 20,2005,019,569.3, NR. 299,19,478.7), Japan (Japan Patents No. 3120529, No.3046654), Taiwan, China, Korea and other countries This practical and inspirational new lighting solution has overcomes a great many of the past frustration with fiber side lighting applications as various manufactures.

Its only FiberliteRSparklelights Systems providing clarity in neon-like manner creating breathtaking effects with dynamic colors and superior brightness that meets today's need and putting the field of fiber -lighting fast maturing in its own realm. A perfect lighting has finally arisen not just magical to some one and fascinating to the others.

Instead of high voltages neon or LED desings , installations you can use Fiberlite? Sparklelights cables.


System configulations

Closed loops:Up to 30m
The sparklelights cable length stars and end in the same illuminator.

Daisy Chain: for more than 30M
The sparklelight cable length running in series between illuminators or in contineous runs between illuminators.

Spotlights: Up to 20M
The spotlights cable from one illuminator generating and distributing several points light.

◆ See mounting detail for track mount and wall mount.
◆ 30 meters or approximately 100’ runs of Sparklelights cables are to be recommended to maintain highest intensity between Light Generators.
◆ Be sure to determined the length as the Sparklelights Cable cannot be added once it is cut.


Fiberlite® Spotlights System

Spotlights System is an open-end designed for fiber Spotlights applications. The Spot lights System are consisting of the hight efficient illuminator light source, terminal fixtures, mounting, accessories and superior quality of fiber optic which designed with tensile wire built in the cable to avoid yield or broken of the fiber optic. This method has been patents world-wide included United State (US patent No. 6,275,633B1), Germany (Deutschland Patents No. 299,08,698.4), Japan (Japan Patents No. 3062877) Taiwan, China, Korea and other countries.

It can be sent around corners, through walls, and under the floor boards or even underwater to enable the light to be placed and illuminate from any direction or positions. Most of all the miniature terminal fixtures fitting in all kinds of lighting situations from walls to ceilings, from showcases to shop windows, from building facades to inside monuments.


Fiberlite Spotlights Cable

Fiberlite Spotlights Cable provides safe source of light to illuminate the exact spot where need light, but virtually maintenance free, they entirely eliminate the re-lamp access as many of the incandescent lamps are. You can place light in maintenance needs to be faster and easier. Furthermore, the Spotlights cable carry nothing but light, with no electrical cabling, there is no risk of shock in water falls, fountains and pools, its totally save to be used even underwater lighting applications.

Spotlights cable can be sent from far distance up to 30meters long without carrying electricity cabling, but handle large quantity of light, it can changed color to enhance the dramatic lighting effects and create highlighting of the area. The miniature terminal fixtures are virtually maintenance free as well as no restriction to how lights are arranged.

FiberliteR Fiber Optic Cables

*Optional a variety of Fiber Optic cables are available upon request.
*Different size, tails and length of cable can be customize.
*More information of Fiber Optic cables, please refer to our technical information.


Fiberlite® Terminal Fixtures & Accessories

Right splendid’s wide-ranging terminal fixtures apply for both indoor and outdoor applications including ground recessed fixture, wall lighting, signaling, landmarks displayed, directional lighting, underwater lighting, museums lighting, landscape lighting and garden lighting to create dramatic lighting effect.


FiberliteR Illuminators and Controlling System

Right splendid offer the most compact, economic high quality and high performance illumiators. Our series illumintors complement the lighting system and is suitable for Fiber Optic Lighting to creating breathtaking effect with dynamic colors and superior brightness.

LED Illuminators
The most compact and popular in low wattage performance and simplify the assembly and installation for the architectural and decorative in the fiber Optic Lighting applications.

Halogen Illuminators
The most instantaneous and uniform light out put in low voltage performance as well as supply an integral manual dimmer with a dimming control for the architectural and decorative in the Fiber Optic Lighting applications.

HID Illuminators
The most professional in appearance and featuring in high intensity lumen flux out put high performance as well as high durability for designs and engineer solutions in the Fiber Optic Lighting applications.

Our stand and decorative illumintor offer simple control through the option of switches or separate feeds to control color wheel and dimmer.

Color Wheels
Optional a vanity of color wheel, color fitters are available upon request.

Waterproof Housing
The waterproof housing allow an illuminator to be located out door when positioning illuminator are not suitable for direct burial.

*Optional a variety of LED, Halogen, Metal Halide Illuminator and Accessories are available upon request.
*More information of illuminators, please refer to our technical information.



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