RSIC End Spot Cables

End-Spots Illumination

End-Spots illuminating cable are designed with tensile strength project wire embedded. A tensile strength protect wire has embedded with fiber optic in the jacket sheathing to avoid yield or breaking of the fiber optic ( ≦30㎏=0% elongation ) .This method has been patented in United States ( US patent NO.6,275,633B1 ) , Germany ( Deutschland patent NR: 29908698.4 ), Japan( Japan Patent NO.3120529 ) , Taiwan, China, Korea and others.
A safe source of light to illuminate the exact spot where need light, but virtually maintenance.
Spot illuminating Fiber can be sent from far distance up to 30 meters long w/o carrying electricity cabling, but handle large quantity of light.
With one Illuminator generating and distributing lights to any number of spot illuminating points.
Spot illuminating Fiber can be sent around corner, through wall and floor boards or even under water to enable the illumination to be place in any direction or position.
All miniature terminal fixtures fitting in all kinds of illuminating situations from walls to ceilings, from showcases to shop windows, from building facades to inside monuments.

Right Splendid Series End-Spots fibers, which encased the fibers in black jacket is wire embedded.
There are in several standard sizes.
Our R&D department can, on request produce special sizes product that meets customer’s requirement.

RSR 50 Series & RSR75 Series Fiber Specifications:

  • Spot illuminating cables are made of high quality PMMA-Based compounds ( Attenuation ≦ 200 dB/km ).
  • Bending Ratio ≧ 12mm
  • Temperature – 40 ~ 70 ℃
  • Acceptance angle ≧60 deg

*** All specifications are subject to change without notice ***