RSIC Side Sparkle Cables

Side-Sparkles Illumination

Innovative lighting effects for Side-Sparkle Fiber by using the new method of Micro-diffusion technology (advance LASER technology) to create fiber optic side lighting cable with Power Sparkles effect along the length of the cable to provide an uniform illumination in neon-like manner. Maximum increased in lumen flux for the Sparkle Cable!
This New method of Micro-diffusion technology has been patented in United States ( US patents No.:5,901,267,5 , No.:7,142,753B2 , No.:6,278,833B1 , No.:7,186,011B2 ) , Germany ( Deutschland patents NR.:297,13,411.6 , NR.:20,2005,019,569.3 , NR.:299,19,478.7 ) , Japan ( Japan patents No.:3120529 , No.:3046654 ) Taiwan , China , Korea and others.The untwisted fibers provide uniformity without hot spots occurs and longer transmitting distance.
Power Sparkle Fibers provide clarity in neon-like manner with dynamic color changing and brightness to overcomes high voltages neon light and conventional rope light.
A safe Sparkle Fiber fitting in all kind of illuminating situation from amusement park to landscaping, from building outlining to building facades, from pools to Spas and water fountains.

Cable Sizes:
Right Splendid Series Side-Sparkle fibers, which encased in the clear fiber jacket is U.V. stabilized.
There are in several standard sizes.
Our R&D department can, on request produce special sizes product that meets customer’s requirement.

FLC75 Series Fiber Specifications:

  • Micro-Windows Side-Sparkle FiberLite are made of high quality PMMA-Based compounds ( Attenuation ≦ 200dB/km ).
  • Untwisted multi-strand fibers ( parallel ) with Micro-Windows sparkles along outer surface of fibers encased in special polymer compounds, anti UV and flexible sheathing.
  • Bending Ratio ≧ 12mm.
  • Micro-Widows Side-sparkles Fiberlite. A diffused lighting technology has been invented by Right Splendid are being introduced to provide brightness Side Sparkle cable in the world.( Lumen Flux ≧ 600Lm with 25meters ).
  • Temperature – 40 ~ 70℃.

*** All specifications are subject to change without notice ***